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Developers envision building amazing living spaces for future residents. We partner with developers to ensure the building is managed through a state-of-the-art strata management system that ensures proactive maintenance and fosters a collaborative relationship between residents and service providers.

how do you make sure your building is well maintained?

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Your properties reflect your brand!

Building a property that enhances and sustains the quality of life for residents requires collaboration between all key stakeholders like architects, city planners, landscape designers, councils, state government bodies and local residents. 

Nevertheless, it is regretful that most developers undermine the role of the owners corporation management function that plays a key role in preserving what you have built.  

There is a lesson to be learnt from prestige car manufacturers like BMW or Mercedes. What if they handed over the maintenance of their cars to an unknown mechanic who has no appreciation of the quality, or the sophistication built into them. 

  • What will happen to the brand value over time? 

  • Will existing owners happily recommend your brand to future prospective buyers?

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Make Beyond Strata your maintenance partner 

At Beyond Strata, we understand the importance of maintaining the buildings in line with the initial vision from developers. We go beyond traditional Strata management and provide state of the art technologies to improve the living experience for residents.  


We use the latest strata technology services available to bring transparency and ease of managing the building through a customized mobile app that keeps owners informed of every decision and provide audit trail on financial decisions. Strata management of buildings have become very topical recently and we offer the opportunity to differentiate your development and enhance your sales process by marketing that your building will be managed via a state of the art strata system that gives complete transparency and peace of mind for future owners.

We will partner with you to ensure we take the burden of setting up the owners corporation for the building and training all future residents of how to use the state of the art system

Pricing and inclusions


  • Initial set up fee of $50 - $100 per lot depending on the size of your development 

  • No management fee is charged until the first owner is settled 

  • Management fee is $25 per lot per month (Exc GST). Price is negotiable for developments over 100 lots 

  • Free Inaugural meeting to setup the owners’ corporation 

  • Free mobile app setup for all owners. (for developments more than 10 lots) 

  • Free advanced community portal with 100% transparency to all owners 

  • Free defects reporting app 

  • Assistance with getting adequate owners corporation insurance 

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