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We give you control, complete transparency, and access you desire


Planned Estate Melbourne

We understand each master planned estate is unique and we spend the time to tailor make the right solution for each strata scheme.

Planing Estates Melbourne

We pride ourselves in partnering with our clients which means we offer full transparency, control back to owners and access to all information 24/7

future residents

We utilise industry leading digital solutions to enhance experience for residents through faster response times, access, reporting & on-demand feedback portals 

Technology + People to help manage your estate more efficiently

Management services that are second to none in the industry


Non-responsive Strata Manager

As a firm we like to continuously improve our service to clients hence have implemented digital feedback channel via the mobile app where a dedicated HR team monitors all feedback.

No transparency from the strata manager, withholding information, no accountability

We provide 100% transparency & access to financials, decisions, work carried out through our digital portals which are updated in real time and available 24/7 to view online.

No proper facilities management/booking system & lack of compliance maintenance

State of the art Intellistrata platform enables for efficient facilities bookings and documented audits of compliance checks which are available 24/7 via digital channels with a full audit of decisions. We have a dedicated in-house compliance team

High costs and no transparency around "why" the cost

We provide complete transparency on costs and ensure we always obtain the best quotes in market via a competitive bidding process which is documented where all decisions are recorded for auditing purposes

We are online

We have Committee Members, just pulling over for few minutes while commuting for work or leisure to quickly grab new developments by connecting to an online Committee Meeting.

Enjoy your flexibility and reach your full potential by working with us

Save your Meeting Costs

Your Committee can work with us online.

Participate in Meetings at the comfort of sitting in your own home, while travelling or during your vacation trips.

You will unlikely miss a single meeting again.

Your Strata on the Web


Web portal that keeps you connected with the Committee


Login to Owners Portal in our website, each owner has their own private space.

  • Check your Strata Funds

  • View Financial Reports

  • Check your Account Balance

  • View Bank Account

  • View Invoices Paid

  • Meet the Committee and Strata Managers

  • View Service Contracts

estates developers


Our teams work in background connecting your property with the most cost effective and efficient suppliers

We constantly review and rate them based on quality and cost

of services provided

Advance technology makes things easy and convenient, fast and efficient. Experience strongly backed technology with us. We are a modern company that uses advance technology to conduct business more efficiently.

corporation management firm



(+61) 03 8595 4364

Our dynamic teams work 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday, ensuring your Common Spaces are efficiently managed and your inquiries are responded within same business day

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