"We believe in giving complete transparency, 24/7 access to information, ability to rate your service providers and a proactive manager, who will allow you to pick the level of involvement that works for you"

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We understand many owners think that the strata management industry is a complete black box where owners get caught out without properly understanding the unlimited liability and other responsibilities that fall on the owners of strata properties.

We are not just another strata company providing the same old basic services, rather we look to partner with our clients and look after the building as if it's our very own whilst also providing practical advice from our teams combined 25+ years experience in strata.

All our management own strata properties themselves and understand the pain points and have partnered with a state of the art technology company to ensure we can deliver an honest, transparent, accountable service where owners and we are on the same side. 

We manage strata property across the sector and our current portfolio has


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CEO, Beyond Strata


we have made the switching process very easy to give you a peace of mind




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If you choose us, our partnership begins


Ongoing what do you get with us

Proactive, experienced, readily available, understanding strata managers

10+ years experienced specialist maintenance team

Access to the most comprehensive database of 1000s of qualified service providers that will ensure you get the most competitive quotes

Our Services

Legislative & Compliance


Owners corporations are governed and effected by numerous forms of legislation including but not limited to the Owners Corporation Act 2006, Owners Corporation Regulations 2007, Subdivision Act 1988, Subdivision Regulations 2011 and so on. Beyond Strata assists the owners corporation in complying with the relevant Acts and Regulations.

Common Area Maintainance & Repairs

We have access to quality suppliers and contractors and facilitate the owners corporation in the prompt expediting of repairs and maintenance to common property.

We have  a number of partner services that offer very responsive after-hours services to ensure there is someone always available 24/7

Financial Management & insurance claims

We provide real time financial reporting to our owners corporations and committees. Our prudent and strict financial management practices ensure that member’s financial information is accurate, up to date, easily accessible, safe and secure

We provide general insurance information and guidance and facilitate the speedy lodgment of insurance claims. We have access to numerous insurance companies specialising in owners corporation insurance to ensure that the insurance coverage meets the requirements of the owners corporation both from a building and liability perspective.

Meeting Management

We assist in the preparation, convening and post meeting procedures including committee meetings, general meetings and grievance meetings. We provide expert guidance surrounding meeting proceedings, conduct and decision making ensuring the outcomes of the owners corporation are achieved.

Real time Data Access

Using our online platform you can access all of your owners corporation data from where ever you are. Our system is easy to use and gives you a holistic view of the health of your owners corporation and allows you to drill down into specific areas such as bank balances, pending tasks, meeting notices, invoices and so on, giving you a peace of mind.

What our Customers Say About us

"I never understood strata until we came across to Beyond and they helped all our owners understand through an information night"


January 10, 2019

"It is so great that the CEO of the company calls to see if we are happy with the services, we never had this kind of personal service with any strata company previously.


July 15, 2019

"Beyond really went above and beyond in assisting us in managing a multi-million dollar defect issue in our building. Thank you so much


October 4, 2019

One-Stop-Shop  Real Estate Solutions

beyond building/facilities management & Concierge Services

The prime objective is to ensure that Tenants' daily needs are fulfilled with a view to meet & exceed budget expectations, essential service requirements and the protection of assets.

  • Manage operations of the building or estate

  • Liaise with all service providers

  • Assist residents with various needs

  • Ensure security is operational at the premises

  • Parcel Management

  • Assist the Owners Corporation in administrative matters

Property Developer Solutions

From concept to completion on small, medium and large developments of townhouses, apartment buildings, gated communities and commercial developments our genuine experience, knowledge and finely honed skills ensure that developers are supported at every stage, seamlessly.

Property Management (leasing) / Sales  solutions

If you are looking to sell or lease your strata property we can connect you with our partner companies for a free appraisal.

  • Discounts are available for Beyond clients. 


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